Omerta game news archive
Round III 2013
New round registration started today. Chaos will start at the day of round ending, so be prepared. No other changes were made to the game, me and Dalius are trying to figure out the next big thig :)
Round II 2013
This round will be shorter than previous and and, after a long time, we will once more have the CHAOS mode at the end of it. So please tell everyone about it and enjoy the upcoming round!
Round I 2013
Several changes to the game are made, so please read the blog carefully. Omertamafia blog.
Winter chaos round
Read the details in Omertamafia blog.
Omerta 2012 autumn round
Read the details in Omertamafia blog.
Omerta 2012 summer round
Read more in Omertamafia blog.
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2012.07.02 8:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2012.07.07 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends 2012.08.31 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Omerta 2012 fast round
The fast round and chaos has come to Omerta! The registration starts today and the round starts 2 days later, that means 2012-05-16. There will be 120 AP every 10 minutes instead of 5 AP. After a week of this fast pace round chaos round will begin and everyone will get their 15 KS (unless they have more by the time). Detailed information available in Omertamafia blog.
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2012.05.14 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2012.05.16 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Chaos starts 2012.05.23 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Chaos ends when there are 20 players left
Omerta 2012 spring round
After making some serious thinking about this game future we announce the next round information. As usual you will find all the information in our mafia blog. Please read the changes and comment on them, we need your opinion!
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2012.02.26 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2012.03.01 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (NO chaos start) 2012.05.01 8:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Omerta 2011 winter holiday round!
These holidays will be different for Omerta players. You asked us to make a short round and here it is! This round there wil be 15 AP each 10 minutes, so the game will be faster. The round length will be also shorter, so try to do things right from the first time ;) Read more about changes for this round in our mafia blog.
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2011.12.10 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2011.12.15 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (NO chaos start) 2012.01.23 8:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Have fun and please, write us what you think about the changes, maybe these settings should be kept for all the next rounds?
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Omerta team!
Omerta 2011 III round information
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2011.09.09 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2011.09.12 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (chaos start) 2011.12.01 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Chaos ends when there are 20 players left alive.
More infromation available in the blog.
Omerta 2011 II round information
Round timetable:
  • Character registration starts 2011.04.29 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round starts 2011.05.02 18:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Round ends (chaos start) 2011.06.30 (UTC/GMT +2 hours)
  • Chaos ends when there are 20 players left alive.
  • Best family by NW.
  • Best family boss.
  • Highest player by rank
  • Some extra prizes may be given out by admins ;)
Detailed information is available in omertamafia blog.
Omerta 2010 Autumn round changes
* Extort count for every player is limited.
* Bribe cost will rise depending on the bodycount of the player.
* A warning will be shown if you try to log in from IP which is used by another account.
Detailed information is available in omertamafia blog.
Omerta 2010 Spring round
All the information and changes are posted in our blog.
Round v1.9.1
Registration - 2009-09-24 18:00
Round start - 2009-09-28 18:00
Round end - 2009-12-07 18:00
The prizes for the round are showed here
Omerta LT susitikimas
Roundas buvo geras, visi susiradot nauju pažinciu, o dabar turesit proga susitikti gyvai, susitaikyti po išdavysciu ar atšvesti puikaus plano pasisekima. Susitikimas planuojamas Vilniuje 2009.09.12. Kvieciame tiek senuosius, tiek tuos, kurie žaide pirmaji karta. Norincius dalyvauti prašome pranešti Bossq (skype: tirkas6). Detalesne informacija bus patalpinta po poros dienu.
Round v1.9 ended
Chaos winners are - blyns, petras, TriochalTriochala, Moby-, Beib, Al Cabr0nito, -Godlike-, parapapapa, batman, operkill, mind control, Down, wawawywa, Nihilo, seipsau.
Round v1.8
A little bit late with the new round timetable, but it's better later than never. I decided to make ome changes in the game for this round, so we will all test hem before implementing them into v2.0. All the changes and timetable are posted in omertamafia blog.
Round v1.7 ended
The round has ended. After sorting out and removing corrupted votes, the player of the round is Sea Biscuit. Chaos round winners are posted in our blog. We will post information about the new round in a few days. Please be patient and do NOT write ar call us :)
Round v1.7
Round timetable as always in our blog. I also added a post about the situation with v2.0. In this round you will have to pay more for killing fun, this will test some of my ideas about the killing system for the v2.0. Have a nice round and take care.
Round v1.6F
This round will be short, but intense. It is marked with the letter "F" which means it will be a fast round. You will get 20 AP every 10 minutes. Round timetable as always is in our blog. I am very sorry for the delay, but i bought a new BMW and decided to get some holiday by the seaside ;) And now enjoy the greates online mafia game!
Round v1.5
I think we all had great holidays from Omerta, but now it is time to fight go on. Check out the timetable of the new round and be the first to register your characters. According to our work schdules, this roun will be the last of the Omerta v1.x, after it we will release Omerta v2.0 which will be more secure, faster and better then previous versions.
Round v1.4 ended
A long round, full of wars and chaos. I am very happy that there are new faces in Omerta who want to be the #1. What is more, we now have one more member of Omerta Administration - Revan. Good luck to him in this hard way. If you are curious who won the round - check the new post in Omerta blog. Next round timetable will be announced in the next week, so you all get your lifes back for at least 2 weeks :)
Happy Easter everyone
Omerta team congradulates all of you and wishes all the best. We also call all the bosses for peace, let this week to be the celebration to everyone. Be nice and polite and you might survive :) See you all on Monday. The game continues.
Round v1.4
After long parties and intense thinking we announce the timetable of the new round. This round will be one of the last rounds of developing new features, later on the version 2 will be released. Omerta v2.0 will not have major changes, most of the time we will give to bugfixing, testing and user interface. After the round v1.4 we will declare the complete list of features which will be included in Omerta v2.0.
Merry Christmas!
Omerta team wishes you best presents and happiness in these magical days. As always we give you Omerta game presents - 1kk$ and FULL Killing Skill (sadly the round has ended a few days ago :D). Anyway, the information about the winners and new round will be posted after the Christmas party.
Round v1.3
Omerta Round v1.3 timetable and other news are posted in omerta blog. Please check it.
Chaos Round v1.2 ended
Omerta Round v1.2 chaos mode has ended. More than 400 people killed in just 3 days. You can find all winners in Omerta blog ( Info about the new round v1.2 will be posted here in a few days.
Omerta Round v1.2
Omerta Round v1.2 registration will be opened on the 13th of July, 2007. The round will begin on the 16th of July, 2007. You will be able to login and use public forums and messages right after the registration of new characters is enabled. More information is available at Omerta blog.
Chaos Round v1.1 ended
Omerta Round v1.1 chaos mode ended. You can find all winners in Omerta blog ( Info about the new round v1.2 will be posted here in a few days.
Omerta Round v1.1 Chaos
Omerta Round v1.1 chaos mode will be opened on the 30th of June, 2007. Chaos mode and the end of round v1.1 will end when there will be 15 players left. Good luck everyone.
Omerta Round v1.1
Omerta Round v1.1 registration will be opened on the 4th of June, 2007. The round will begin on the 8th of June, 2007. You will be able to login and use public forums and messages right after the registration of new characters is enabled.
Omerta meet photos
Photos of all omerta meetings are moved to omerta server, you can find them here
Chaos round start
The chaos round will start on Friday, 2007.05.25 18:00 Omerta time. New character registration will not be available right after the start of chaos round. Happy v1.0 round ending to everyone.
The big day will be tommorow...
We have just found some minor bugs and just want to be sure, that none of them are still there, so maybe it is a good idea to test everything in full detail before starting a new round. Sorry for those who waited for so long, but 1 day is nothing compared to what you will get.
Round v1.0 start
We are happy to announce that Omerta round v1.0 will start today at 22:00 GMT+2 time. The Omerta game creators and administration worked really hard to make the game as much fun, interesting and easy to play as we could. A lot of hours were spent by the computers in order not to be late. Enjoy playing the first official round of Omerta!
If you have any problems logging in, please feel free to write to
Registration opening
The account registration for Omerta round v1.0 will be open at 21:30 GMT+2. Those who had account in the previous round do not have to re-register.
Omerta Round v1.0
Omerta Round v1.0 registration will be open on 1st of April, 2007. The round will begin on 4th of April, 2007. The game changes will also be announced on the 1st of April.
New design and happy Valentines day!
From now on Omerta will have the new and only design. I am happy to present it on this happy day. The registrations will remain closed for a week more. Now let's celebrate the day of love!
Round information
Round information
Current time 2024-07-24 11:24
Registration starts: 2024-05-17 18:00
AP starts: 2024-05-24 12:00
CHAOS starts: 2024-08-27 18:00
CHAOS ends when only 5 players are left alive.
Omerta game news
2021 Spring Round

WTF is taking so long for this COVID crap to be buried in history?! We hope after this round we'll all have our asses stabbed by vaccine needles and forget out it going back to NORMAL.

2020 Fall Round

We hope everyone if safe and sound spending their holidays. We've received many request to start the fall round early this year due to the COVID boredness syndrome, so here you are :)

Corona Virus Round

Due to the recent event related with an outbreak of Corona Virus that is changing our habits and lives we are urged to start registration and NEW OMERTA ROUND on a prompt notice.
Residents of the World, please be diligent, obey the recommendations of local health care authorities and Centers of Disease control. Stay at home if it's not absolutely necessary to leave and play Omerta. We assure you, it's Corona virus free, and will keep you safe at home!

Privacy Policy update (GDPR)

In light of recent events, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is being used by companies they have subscribed to, and rightly so. We wanted to let you know that, because of a new data privacy law that is being introduced in the EU on 25 May, we’ll be sharing some more information with you about how and if we collect and use your personal information.

The changes in particular will be:

Your rights relating to the information we hold about you
How we keep your personal information safe
The types of personal information we collect and use
Right to request to be forgotten

Full privacy policy statement can be found under Game Help section.

Round I 2018

Happy new year! We're still working on the Omerta app and will start 1st round this year to keep you busy while waiting something awesome to come. By the way, last round was won by Ndrangheta family, good job.

Round III 2017

This is a relaxed round before the end of 2017 as you might be aware that Omerta team are working on new version of mobile app based Omerta in 3D!

Round III 2016

Omerta autumn round is ready to roll and new dates have been published.

Round II 2016

You've already experienced some changes in the game, now you should expect more! I've heard that prizes comin' along after this summer round.

Round I 2016

First Round in 2016 will be as massive as it gets. Please join and you will see the old awesome game reviving!

Round IV 2015

The summer is over and you are ready to play the ultimate online game. The only change made this time is the reduction of suspicion got after a shot.

Round III 2015

New round dates published. You all have voted in Facebook Omerta group that the round should last 8 weeks and have a chaos afterwards, so there you go. Enjoy!

Round II 2015

It looks like all updates were good enough to stay in Omerta for longer time. Please enjoy the coming spring and the new round.

Round I 2015

Another short round to check new updates and fix any remaining bugs.


Back-shot. From this round when making a backshot, victims attempt time will be not updated. Only normal shots will give imune time.

Round V 2014

This round will be a short one and will end just before Christmas. Basically just have fun and check if new updates are good for the game.


Back-shot. When someone shoots at you you can shoot back until 3 hours passes after the attempt. You will be able to shoot back even your rank is too low to make a regular attempt at attacker and even the attacker recently survived an attempt!
We hope that this update will seriously lower lone rangers rampage and make it possible to small ranks to defend. D-Shooters will also will be less important.

Suspicion raise after a shot. The maximum suspicion you can get after a shot is limited to 65%-75%. Those 10% are the random range you can get after the shot. Maximum suspicion is now gained after ~8 publicly known kills.
For those who think this is too low, we will remind that statistically one killer kills 4.8 people in his life.

Round IV 2014
You vote and we gave it. The round registration start today. This time the chaos will be held at the end till 3 hardcore players are left alive.
Round III 2014
You voted in the voting poll and here you go - the new round will start tomorrow!
Round II 2014
The new round is here! Register your characters and get to the job. Be sure to join our facebook group - Omerta Facebook group to get all the news, be a part of voting polls which decide the future of the game.
Hardcore Holidays Round 2013
Holidays are only a few weeks away, however a poll about holiday round showed, that many of you want to make some nice shots while sitting by the Christmas tree. New round infromation is posted in Omerta Facebook group and in the homepage. Keep it cool and have a nice holiday round!