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Updated 04/26/22


Purpose of this Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Privacy Policy") establishes the principles and conditions of the processing of personal data upon registering on the website (creating an Omerta account) purchasing Omerta Credits and describes your rights as a data subject and our obligations as a data controller.

This Privacy Policy explains what kind of personal data we collect (and how and why), what kind of legal basis we use when processing it, the retention period, and whom we transfer your personal data to as well as informs about your rights and their enforcement and provides other relevant and important information regarding the processing of your personal data. Our complete contact information is provided in section 9 of this Privacy Policy. Personal data shall mean all information related to the person who has been or may be identified (hereinafter referred to as "Data"), such as your name, address, or email. Please treat the information provided herein responsibly and read it carefully before providing us with your personal data.

1.       Processing of your personal data. Browsing through the website.

1.1   Types of data being processed: when you browse through the Omertamafia website, we collect and process the following data by means of cookies and similar technologies:

The IP address of your device; session duration and history; reader browser type; screen resolution; and similar information.

1.2. You are the source of all the aforementioned data, but such personal data is obtained automatically when browsing through our website and provided by Your browser.

1.3. Purposes of personal data processing: the website’s functionality, traffic and statistics data collection and analysis, and the provision of advertising services.

1.4. Legal basis for personal data processing: your consent regarding the use of cookies by registering or logging into the Website. Cookies and similar technologies are used to depict the technical structure and contents of the website or when using session ID cookies to provide the user with the service they have requested, etc.

1.5. Personal data processing period. The processing period of your personal data depends on the specific cookie (its duration). When the retention period expires, we safely erase your personal data.

2.       Processing of your personal data. Registration on the Omertamafia website (Omerta Account).

2.1 Types of personal data being processed. When you create and use your account on the Omertamafia website, we process the following personal data:

2.1.1. Types of your personal data that we receive and process during the registration          on the Omerta website:

 (i) Email address (compulsory information; registration cannot continue otherwise);

(ii) Name and surname (actual or made-up) (optional information); your nickname (compulsory information; registration cannot continue otherwise);

(iii) Password (compulsory information; registration cannot continue otherwise);

(iv) Registration date (generated automatically);

(v) Gender.

2.1.2. When registering on the Omertamafia website via a Facebook account, the following personal data is obtained and processed: your personal data provided in the public profile of the respective social media platform (name, surname, email).

2.2. You are the source of all the aforementioned data. If you login to our portal via your Facebook account, you give consent to Facebook to share your account information with us; therefore, the source of this data is Facebook.

2.3. Purposes of personal data processing. We process your personal data: 

 (i) To create your gaming account on the Omertamafia web site;  

(ii) For the purpose of managing your account and providing technical support, including your identification when logging in as well as troubleshooting and password recovery;

(iii) If you order paid services on the Omertamafia portal (e.g. Omerta Credits), we will use your contact information (telephone number and email) for the purpose of executing the financial transactions (to send messages pertaining to the provision of the paid services you have ordered) (for more information, please see section 3 of this Privacy Policy); 

2.4. Legal basis for personal data processing: your consent. Before registering on the Omertamafia website, you are required to read and agree to Omertamafia Terms of Use and read this Privacy Policy. Therefore, having been adequately informed and acting of your free will, by registering on the Omertamafia website you express consent that Omertamafia website may process your personal data accordingly.   You have the right to withdraw the consent regarding the processing of your personal data for the purposes indicated in this section at any time. You can exercise this right by deleting your account or submitting a request to us in accordance with the procedure set out in section 7 of this Privacy Policy.


2.5. Personal data processing period. We process your personal data as long as you are using your account on the Omertamafia website.   The information that proves your consent regarding the processing of personal data is retained until you request to delete the account.

3.       Security

We shall employ all technical and administrative security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized loss, access, alteration, disclosure, or deletion. Omertamafia has no intention to transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or to an international organization. However, you are responsible for choosing a secure password when we ask to create one for accessing your account. The password should be confidential, complex enough, and unique, i.e. do not use the same password for different accounts.

4.       Recipients of your personal data

Certain types of your personal data may be transferred to our authorized data processors, such as IT or cloud service companies (e.g. when renting servers from an IT company, your personal data will be uploaded (stored) at that company), companies that provide electronic fee collection services when you pay for certain Omertamafia products or services (e.g. Omerta Credits). Our data processors are expected to ensure the appropriate protection of your personal data, and we guarantee that they process your personal data only to the extent of their obligations and the purposes specified.

If you have questions about our service providers, please contact us at:

In certain cases, we may disclose your information to subjects other than those mentioned above: to comply with applicable legislations or by court order (e.g. having been ordered by court to disclose the data), to protect our legal interests, rights, and assets or to ensure their safety, and in other cases with your consent or legal request.

5.       How we process your personal data

We guarantee that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation, including, but not limited to:

 Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the principles of legality; good faith, and transparency;

Your personal data will be used solely in the capacity necessary to meet the set goals;

Your personal data will be collected solely for the legal purposes which we have expressly stated and will not be used in any other way that is unrelated to said purposes;

Your personal data will be accurate and updated regularly;

Your personal data will be retained only for as long as necessary to meet the disclosed goals (or for as long as we are obligated by law);

Your personal data will be used ensuring adequate security level.


6.       Your rights regarding personal data

In accordance with personal data protection legislation, you have the following rights:

- The right to be informed whether we process your personal data, and if so, to request a copy of the data and information how we use, retain, and share it. We may refuse your request to provide information or ask you to cover the expenses of making additional copies if you request the same information repeatedly;

- The right to request to correct, append, or update incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete personal data (the right of rectification), if, upon gaining access to your personal data, you deem it incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete;

- The right to demand that we erase your personal data if it is being processed improperly or unfairly or it is no longer required for the purpose it has been collected and there is no other legal basis for retaining the information any longer.

- The right to demand that we limit (cease) the processing of your personal data, except retention, if you have submitted a request to correct your personal data (while the validity is being verified and/or the data is being corrected), if it turns out that personal data is being processed illegally and you object to its erasure, or if you express disagreement with the processing of personal data (while an assessment is being carried out to determine whether our legal interests take primacy), etc. (the right to demand that the processing of personal data be limited).;

 - The right to receive your data in a structured, commonly used, and computer-readable format and transfer it to another data processor (or demand that we transfer your personal data to another data processor when such an operation is technically feasible) (the right to data portability). This right is exercisable only if the processing is based on your consent or a contract and the processing is performed by way of automated means. This right applies only to the personal data you have provided us yourself;

- The right to withdraw your consent regarding the processing of your personal data at any time; - The right to object to the processing of your personal data for personal reasons at any time when such processing is performed to pursue the legal interests of the data controller or a third party;

- Also, you have the right to submit a complaint with the Republic of Lithuania State Data Protection Inspectorate in accordance with the procedure set out in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data.

7.       Submitting a request to exercise data subject’s rights

You have the right to apply regarding the exercising of the data subject’s rights by submitting us a written request in person, via mail, or email.

If you are submitting the request in writing personally, you have to confirm your identity by providing an identity document. Otherwise, the data subject’s rights will not be exercised.

If such a request is submitted via mail, a copy of your identity document (certified as authentic by a notary public) has to be provided as well. When submitting a request via electronic means, it has to be signed with a valid e-signature or created using such electronic means that allow ensuring the text’s integrity and inalterability (this requirement does not apply when withdrawing consent – requesting account removal).

The request to exercise the data subject’s rights has to be legible, signed, and contain the data subject’s name, surname, address, and/or other contact details for communication purposes or the reception of our answer regarding the exercising of the data subject’s rights.

The data subject may exercise their rights individually or via a representative. In the request, the representative has to indicate their name, surname, address, and/or other contact details for communication purposes or the reception of our answer as well as the represented person’s name and surname and provide the document certifying the representation or its copy.

Should there be doubts regarding the identity of the data subject, we may ask for additional information to verify it. Upon the reception of your request, well will inform you about the actions taken in regard to the request no later than within one month.

Privacy Policy changes

We are constantly trying to develop the Omertamafia website and improve it; therefore, it is likely that this Privacy Policy may be changed and updated from time to time. We will inform about any updates to the Privacy Policy on this website. All changes are effective immediately. If changes to the Privacy Policy are of higher relevance regarding your rights and liberties, we will inform you personally.

8.       Children personal data

The Omertamafia gaming website, the information posted therein, and our services and other products are not intended for children. If you are under 14 years of age, please do not use our services. If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 14 years of age and you are aware that your child is using our services or has in some other way provided us with their personal data without your written consent, please contact us so we can erase your child’s personal data.

9.       Our contact information

OmertaMafia Team, 32C Zirmunu St, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

Tel.: 8 646 33333






Round information
Round information
Current time 2024-07-24 13:22
Registration starts: 2024-05-17 18:00
AP starts: 2024-05-24 12:00
CHAOS starts: 2024-08-27 18:00
CHAOS ends when only 5 players are left alive.
Omerta game news
2021 Spring Round

WTF is taking so long for this COVID crap to be buried in history?! We hope after this round we'll all have our asses stabbed by vaccine needles and forget out it going back to NORMAL.

2020 Fall Round

We hope everyone if safe and sound spending their holidays. We've received many request to start the fall round early this year due to the COVID boredness syndrome, so here you are :)

Corona Virus Round

Due to the recent event related with an outbreak of Corona Virus that is changing our habits and lives we are urged to start registration and NEW OMERTA ROUND on a prompt notice.
Residents of the World, please be diligent, obey the recommendations of local health care authorities and Centers of Disease control. Stay at home if it's not absolutely necessary to leave and play Omerta. We assure you, it's Corona virus free, and will keep you safe at home!

Privacy Policy update (GDPR)

In light of recent events, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how their personal data is being used by companies they have subscribed to, and rightly so. We wanted to let you know that, because of a new data privacy law that is being introduced in the EU on 25 May, we’ll be sharing some more information with you about how and if we collect and use your personal information.

The changes in particular will be:

Your rights relating to the information we hold about you
How we keep your personal information safe
The types of personal information we collect and use
Right to request to be forgotten

Full privacy policy statement can be found under Game Help section.

Round I 2018

Happy new year! We're still working on the Omerta app and will start 1st round this year to keep you busy while waiting something awesome to come. By the way, last round was won by Ndrangheta family, good job.

Round III 2017

This is a relaxed round before the end of 2017 as you might be aware that Omerta team are working on new version of mobile app based Omerta in 3D!

Round III 2016

Omerta autumn round is ready to roll and new dates have been published.

Round II 2016

You've already experienced some changes in the game, now you should expect more! I've heard that prizes comin' along after this summer round.

Round I 2016

First Round in 2016 will be as massive as it gets. Please join and you will see the old awesome game reviving!

Round IV 2015

The summer is over and you are ready to play the ultimate online game. The only change made this time is the reduction of suspicion got after a shot.

Round III 2015

New round dates published. You all have voted in Facebook Omerta group that the round should last 8 weeks and have a chaos afterwards, so there you go. Enjoy!

Round II 2015

It looks like all updates were good enough to stay in Omerta for longer time. Please enjoy the coming spring and the new round.

Round I 2015

Another short round to check new updates and fix any remaining bugs.


Back-shot. From this round when making a backshot, victims attempt time will be not updated. Only normal shots will give imune time.

Round V 2014

This round will be a short one and will end just before Christmas. Basically just have fun and check if new updates are good for the game.


Back-shot. When someone shoots at you you can shoot back until 3 hours passes after the attempt. You will be able to shoot back even your rank is too low to make a regular attempt at attacker and even the attacker recently survived an attempt!
We hope that this update will seriously lower lone rangers rampage and make it possible to small ranks to defend. D-Shooters will also will be less important.

Suspicion raise after a shot. The maximum suspicion you can get after a shot is limited to 65%-75%. Those 10% are the random range you can get after the shot. Maximum suspicion is now gained after ~8 publicly known kills.
For those who think this is too low, we will remind that statistically one killer kills 4.8 people in his life.

Round IV 2014
You vote and we gave it. The round registration start today. This time the chaos will be held at the end till 3 hardcore players are left alive.
Round III 2014
You voted in the voting poll and here you go - the new round will start tomorrow!
Round II 2014
The new round is here! Register your characters and get to the job. Be sure to join our facebook group - Omerta Facebook group to get all the news, be a part of voting polls which decide the future of the game.
Hardcore Holidays Round 2013
Holidays are only a few weeks away, however a poll about holiday round showed, that many of you want to make some nice shots while sitting by the Christmas tree. New round infromation is posted in Omerta Facebook group and in the homepage. Keep it cool and have a nice holiday round!